If you have ever had dentures, then you must be familiar with the entire drill. Take the dentures out, wash and clean them, and even apply denture adhesives so they stay in place. Doesn’t really sound too great, does it?
With dentures, people often have to deal with the issue of slipping and the mess that comes along with the adhesives. Moreover, for those with a broken or severely cracked tooth, tasks like speech and eating are too painful.
How about a comfortable and convenient option? Dental implants. They have numerous benefits for your oral health as well as your facial aesthetics. As per American Dental Association, more than 5 million dental implants are placed each year by dentists in the United States. Not only do you enjoy a full and confident smile, but keep the surrounding teeth protected as well. A dental implant is implanted directly in the jawbone so that more than one teeth can be supported. They look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.
If you have more than one missing teeth and do not address it on time, it can lead to further problems with teeth and gums. Regardless of the place of the missing tooth, even if it is in the back, your front teeth can get affected. The other teeth have to shift or get overworked.
Getting a dental implant is an ideal alternative for those seeking long-term results. However, most people often don’t even know when they should be visiting a dentist for an implant.
Listed below are the conditions according to which you should not waste any time and get dental implants at your earliest.
1. Having a Missing Tooth or Teeth
If you have lost one or more teeth, you should address the issue right away as it stresses other teeth and also affects their function. Dental implants make for the best solution to resolve the missing tooth problem. A dental implant will be placed in the gap area. It makes its space like your natural tooth. And It does not look fake at all because they are made to match with the rest of your teeth.
2. Your Dentures or Partials Are Loose
It is a common problem and many people go through this. If they get to know that dental implants are free from such hassle, they would ditch them right away and get them at their earliest. Since they get fused with the bone, there is no fear of them slipping or falling out when you are trying to eat or talk. The implants act and feel just like natural teeth. So, you can bid farewell to loose dentures or partials!
3. Dentures are Irritating Your Gums
Old or ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable, particularly for the fragile areas in the mouth. This can be annoying for the one who wears them. Dental implants present you with a permanent solution that is both stable and comfortable. As they are fixed, they do not move or rub against the gum line. They also reduce the risk of infection, sores, and irritation.
4. Experiencing Bone Loss in Jaw Area
The jaw bone tissue in the areas left by missing teeth deteriorates and erodes as there are no teeth roots that facilitate their growing process. Dental implants are screwed into the socket of the missing tooth and serve the purpose of an artificial tooth. Since they are usually of titanium or zirconium, the process of osseointegration makes them naturally bond to the bone tissue.
When you prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating, you also prevent mouth regression. It is the shrunken appearance of the mouth that most denture-wearers have.
5. Have Severely Infected Tooth
An infected tooth sometimes cannot be treated with medicines and needs to be extracted. If the infection is too far spread, tooth extraction is the only solution to get rid of pain and discomfort. Once the infected tooth gets removed, the dental implant becomes your new tooth. It will be as strong and durable as your natural tooth. You have to take care of it the same as you do for your natural teeth.
6. You Feel Conscious Because of Bridge, Dentures, or Partials
Wearing partials or dentures makes some people self-conscious. They avoid speaking or smiling much. In that case, getting dental implants from Same Day Dental Implants can help as they are made to fit naturally with the rest of your teeth. No one can know that you have an implant. It will restore both your confidence and comfort.
7. Missing Teeth Causing Difficulty in Chewing Food
Missing teeth affect your chewing ability as well. Regardless you need to chew softly or take a bite, it becomes quite a task with missing teeth. With dental implants, you can chew food easily as they function like natural teeth. However, in the initial days of getting an implant, it is advised to avoid crunchy or sticky foods.
8. Dentures are Giving a Sunken-In Appearance
Those who wear dentures, their face has a sunken-in appearance especially in the mouth and chin areas. This is because the jawbone does not urge the regrowth of tissue. The jaw continues to regress and bone loss continues. Dental implants, on the other hand, do not impact your facial appearance. They stimulate the jaw bone to grow after their placement. The implants fuse with the jawbone and act like natural teeth.
9. Having a Severely Broken or Cracked Tooth

In case of a broken or cracked tooth, a dental implant is the best way to restore your smile and mouth function. Dentists try to save and salvage as much of your natural tooth as they can. However, if the tooth is damaged beyond repair, it becomes inevitable to extract it. In that case, getting a dental implant from SmileOn can help you get your smile back. Here, skilled and experienced dentists can place your dental implant in a day, saving the repeated trips to the dentist as you would have had to otherwise.



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